With technicians in short supply these days, Wayne Brozek, consultant and trainer with WB Global Services, says dealers need to be actively recruiting the next generation of service technicians, as well as employees for other departments.

Here are 4 ideas from Brozek to help with your recruitment efforts:

  1. Are you visiting high schools, junior high and community colleges every month that they're in school or in session? You should be. You should be talking to all these people all the time. 
  2. Do you open up your facilities to local schools to see what you offer for careers? A lot of times students don't have any idea of all the positions we as dealers have. It's not just service technicians we're looking for. We have all kinds of careers to offer these young people. 
  3. Homeschooling is becoming more and more predominant. A lot of people are sending or keeping their students at home, and homeschooling associations feel like they're being ignored. There's some really good talent in those homeschool organizations if you contact them in your local area. You miss these students if all you're doing is recruiting at the high school or junior high school. 
  4. How about hosting FFA, 4-H and equine events dealership at your dealership? Let them use your break room. Let them use your training rooms. Some of our dealerships have really nice conference rooms. Open them up. These people are always looking for a meeting venue. Somewhere where they can have their event. Offer your dealership up to them.

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