A recent survey from Farm Equipment found that 64.8% of surveyed dealers indicated they were worried about the impact ongoing contract negotiations between CNH Industrial and United Auto Workers could have on their business. Some 25.4% of surveyed dealers were not concerned, and another 9.8% were unsure.

In their commentary, many dealers referenced ongoing supply chain issues in the ag equipment industry, stating a strike could make the situation even worse.

"Supply chain is backed up now, and we are not getting equipment in a timely manner. If they end up striking, this will make that situation even worse for us and our customers," said one dealer.

"[We are] 8-9 months behind on production now, I can't imagine a strike would help much. Although, if it is short-lived, maybe it will give some time for supply chain issues to catch up," said another dealer.

One non-CNHI dealer saw the strike as a potential business opportunity, saying, "John Deere went through a strike and didn't miss that much due to the supply chain issues that continue to impact the business. We may pick up some business, because customers will be looking for items that cannot be sourced through their New Holland or Case IH dealership."

One New Holland dealer stated they were more concerned about CNH Industrial itself than the strike, saying, "As a New Holland dealer, I am more concerned with leadership and direction or lack thereof within CNH."

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