Dealers talks about the impact of the late harvest in 2009.

A.“The late harvest hasn’t had a negative impact on our projected 2010 equipment sales. The harvest probably enhanced our sales potential.”

— Mike Veldman, Ag Power Enterprises, Inc., Owatonna, Minn.

A.“We were successful with pre-selling 2010 new wholegoods starting in July ’09. We shouldn’t be down too many units for 2010.”

— Les Hopkins, sales department, Great Bend Farm Equipment, Great Bend, Kan.

A.“December 2009 was a stinker. It was the lowest December I can remember and I’ve been doing this for 22 years. Now January has picked up — we’ve been busier than I ever expected with how the year ended up. The late harvest and cold weather has impacted parts sales. With the harvest not finishing until late, no one did any work on machines.”

— Jeffrey Suchomski, president, Suchomski Equipment Inc., Pinckneyville, Ill.

A.“We didn’t have a late season as other areas had. Our moisture was a little higher than we wanted, but everything is better in 2009 compared to ’08, when we had a drought. We’re looking for a 10% sales increase.”

— Bob Jacobs, president, Jacobs Farm Equipment, Essex, Ontario

A.“Our sales are off 23% year-to-date 2008 to year-to-date 2009. But from the looks of our preseason program, 2010 is going to be a banner year for us.

— Dick Wiedenfeld, territory manager, Tractor Implement Supply Co., Godfrey, Ill.

A.“The late harvest should have very little impact. We had a good crop. Good prices should bring good sales in 2010.”

— John S. Miller, Valley Truck and Tractor Co., Yuba City, Calif.

A.“I’m not sure that it will impact sales that much. Sales in December and going into January are very strong — perhaps as strong as we’ve ever seen them.”

— Don Van Houweling, president, Van Wall Equipment, Perry, Iowa

A.“We had a late harvest, but we did get it all in — which is huge for my business because they know what they have. I’m expecting my 2010 season will be about the same as 2008. I would be very pleased with that outcome.”

— Rod Paul, Greenline Implement, Miller, S.D.

A. “The late harvest for 2009 likely will impact the price of feed grains imported from the Midwest to Arizona for dairy feed. It should have minimum impact on equipment sales.”

— Jim Keller, manager, APM, Peoria, Ariz.