Some of FARM MACHINE’s international jury members have already put the 9600i through its paces, reports Éloïse Boone of the French media brand Terre-net. "Many especially appreciated the new cabin, which is now very quiet and easy to operate," she says.

Largest Ever Deere Engine

It is quiet in part because John Deere have place their largest ever engine on the harvester, the 18 liter JD 18X. It delivers 750 horsepower of rated output at 1,800 engine revolutions in the 9600i. "But then, it only requires about 1,400 to 1,500 engine revs to harvest corn, making the operation easy and quiet," says Boone.

And, it doesn‘t even need an SCR or AdBlue to comply with Stage V exhaust regulations.

A Seat with a View

The discharging unit is also new: instead of a welded manifold, the metal sheets are now deep-drawn and screwed together. This has advantages when in use with 10 or 12 row headers. Overall, the chute has also grown by a good 20 cm. Drivers will have a better view for the precise filling of the trailer. However, they can also leave that to the Active Fill Control (AFC).

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