Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Custom operators

Key Selling Point: Leads in technology with automatic sensors and monitors

The new Kuhn OptiWrap OWR 6000 inline round bale wrapper offers exceptional wrapping productivity, while minimizing film and fuel use. The OWR 6000 has the ability to quickly wrap round bales of various sizes, including 4- and 5-foot-wide bales up to 6 feet in diameter.

The OWR 6000 utilizes pre-stretchers with an industry leading 70% plastic stretch ratio, which provides more efficient plastic utilization and better bale compression reducing plastic cost per bale. Additionally, the unit’s BaleEye photoelectric sensor detects a bale on the loading platform with no mechanical moving parts.

To maintain performance, the OWR 6000 also features 2 propulsion wheels for optimal hoop traction in adverse conditions.

Matt Murdock, territory manager at Kuhn North America, says technology is what sets the OWR 6000 apart from its competitors in the industry.

“We have a monitor that farmers can use to set their bale width length and their number of wraps and the unit will automatically calculate how fast the plunger should move,” he says. “We also have a film break sensor that, once a roll of film finishes or breaks, will automatically compensate to slow down the plunger, so you’re always applying the correct number of wraps no matter how many film rolls you have dispensing.”

Murdock adds that Kuhn North America is currently targeting custom operators as the ideal customer for the OWR 6000.