The trailed G5012 Round Bale Wrapper from Göweil Maschinenbau GmbH is compact and maneuverable, making it a particularly practical wrapper. The low center of gravity and the steady position of the wrapping table ensure excellent stability when wrapping bales. Thanks to its twin satellite wrapping arms which rotate around the bale, instead of the standard table wrapper which spins the bale, the G5012 is able to quickly wrap and put an airtight seal on all kinds of bales, whether they are heavy, light or even misshapen.

The thick rubber belts and rotating bale guide rollers of the wrapping table guarantee that the bale will be steadily rotated to ensure a uniform overlap of the film.

The work position is shifted to the right, meaning bales are picked up from the front of the wrapper and in the same direction of travel as the baler. This bale pick-up works reliably even in the most difficult terrain. After wrapping, the bale is dropped off of the rear of the wrapper on its round side, or on its flat side with the optional bale tipper.

Goweil also offers a selection of stationary bale wrappers with integrated engines that make "wrapping at the stack" simple and efficient.

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