Supply chain disruptions have been a challenge for manufacturers throughout the agriculture sector over the past year. Since the pandemic, availability of inputs related to the production of agricultural equipment has decreased dramatically. Steel, rubber and computer chips are just a number of the components that manufacturers have struggled to get their hands on.

While the cost of materials has increased as well, CLAAS’s primary focus is ensuring access to the components needed to build machines. CLAAS encourages growers to get their orders in during the company’s Pre-Sell Program period, starting now, in order to help with production planning and ensure timely delivery.

“While our manufacturing has remained resilient throughout the pandemic, supply chain disruptions continue to impact the agriculture industry as a whole,” says Eric Raby, President & General Manager – Sales, CLAAS. “It’s important for us to understand what products are needed for next year and that is why we have opened up our order books earlier than normal with an even broader line of incentives to farmers and contractors. This line of sight on demand allows us to manufacture products more efficiently and that is something we are sharing with our customers.”

CLAAS is offering Pre-Sell Program incentives including low financing rates and early order discounts on their equipment to those proactive customers. To learn more, talk to your local CLAAS dealer.