Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Growers with terraced fields, looking for increased travel with consistent seeding

Geography: Made to work in all conditions, but increased toolbar and opener travel means it can handle rougher, uneven conditions.

Key Selling Point: 24 inches of toolbar travel plus 16 inches of opener travel make consist seed placement the drill’s key feature when marketing to customers

The Concord Disc Drill HD is a married combination of Concord’s single disc drill and AGCO’s double-disc Heads-Up Openers. It features 24 inches of toolbar travel plus 16 inches of opener travel. The Disc Drill HD replaces Concord’s previous double disc drill in its equipment lineup and is capable of up to 7 mph seeding speeds.

Ben Sander, marketing manager at Concord, says the increased travel coming from the toolbar and the openers offers more versatility in the environments the drill can tackle.

“With the combination of that frame and the openers’ travel, it’s ideal for areas where there’s terraced fields that often cannot be easily seeded without multiple passes,” he says. “Across our 50-foot drill, you can have 3 feet of difference and still be putting seeds in the ground.”

Ken Wagenbach, district manager for the southern plains at Concord, sees the ideal customer for the Disc Drill HD as a large-acre grower and mentions one buyer in Texas who was looking to mimic the qualities of a no-till drill.

“For a few of the larger drills we’ve sold down in Texas, they went to big operations where the owner was familiar with the past performance of the Heads-Up Openers,” he says. “This owner also wanted the added ability of variable down pressure to have the same capabilities of a no-till drill. 

“There’s also the scalability. The Double Disc HD allows growers to go up to 60 feet with the same familiarity in the product that they’re used to.”

He adds that dealers will often emphasize the drill’s consistency when positioning it in the dealership, while Sander says familiarity with the opener makes for the ideal customer.