Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Custom applicators, large farms and technology-focused farmers

Key Selling Point: Higher spread width and accuracy increases farmers’ savings

The Amazone WindControl system permanently monitors and automatically compensates for the effect of wind on fertilizer spread patterns. 

A high-frequency wind sensor, mounted on the fertilizer spreader, records both the wind speed and the wind direction and transmits this information to the job computer. This processes the data with the forward speed and calculates new settings for both the delivery system and the spreading disc speed, which are then automatically adjusted. The operator always has an overview of the current wind situation such as the wind direction and strength in the work menu. Traffic light colors are used to signal the extent to which WindControl is still able to compensate for the effect of the wind.

Marc Heater, U.S. territory sales manager at Amazone, says there aren’t comparable products on the market for WindControl. “We are the only ones with this technology in the market,” he says. “It’s going to give a farmer the capability to go into windier conditions and make sure his spread pattern is going to be accurate behind him. We can throw urea up to 120 feet and phosphorus and potassium up to 177 feet, depending on product quality.”

Heater sees custom applicators as one ideal customer for the WindControl, who can “up the percentage of acres they cover a day with a farther spread width, and more acres in a day is more money back in their pocket.” He adds that large farmers and those more technology-focused customers will benefit from WindControl as well.

He says dealers should know carrying the WindControl system will set them apart from their competitors and adds that Amazone is looking to expand its dealer network with “dealers who are focused on the future and want to help their farmers save money.”