Fast Facts

Customer Segment: Ideal for corn and soybean growers with over 1,000 acres.

Key Selling Point: Easy gang angle adjustments and transportation, high speed tillage.

The Salford Halo VRT is a variable-rate tillage design on a forward folding, high-speed disc frame. The Halo VRT’s wide range of gang angle adjustments allows it to perform spring and fall operations with ease.

This new machine allows producers to choose their tillage intensity on the fly, from the comfort of the tractor cab. Whether adjustments are needed in the field, from field to field or from season to season, the Halo VRT performs the work of multiple tillage machines in one simple-to-operate platform.

Salford Group Product Manager, Tillage, Josh Kettle says farmers will be able to operate faster with the Halo VRT than with competing tillage implements with adjustable blade angles.

“On the other machines you typically see on the market that offer adjustable blade angles, all the blades are on a common shaft, so they move the whole shaft and frame assembly with a hydraulic cylinder,” he says. “On the Halo VRT, all the blades are independently mounted with rubber torsion, which allows the blades to have better obstacle protection. This allows the machine to have a faster operation speed, so you can cover more ground per hour, which is a huge benefit in the spring.”

Kettle says narrow transport is a key benefit of the Halo VRT. “Since this machine is built on the Halo platform, it goes down the road at 12 feet wide, and that’s on all machine sizes, anywhere from a 20 foot all the way up to a 40 foot,” he says. “The farmer now just has to focus on moving the tractor, since the machine isn’t that much wider. It gives the operator a lot more confidence in how they go down the road.”

He adds dealers will benefit from the Halo VRT’s ability to make on-the-go gang angle adjustments, which can appeal to a wider group of producers looking for more out of their tillage tool.