Pöttinger's TOP 422 A and 462 A are single rotor rakes with working widths of 4.2 and 4.6 meters. The TOP 632 A is a twin rotor model that rakes a single 3.4 meter swath with a working width of 6.3 meters, or two swaths with a working width of 6.8 meters. The TOP 692 A rakes 3.7-6.9 meters with one swath or a working width of 7.4 meters with two swaths.

The trailed single rotor rakes are designed for larger working widths with small tractors. Thanks to the trailed design, no load is exerted on the tractor hitch. They are easy to attach and detach. With their parallelogram drawbar, both the TOP 422 A and the slightly larger TOP 462 A can be hitched to the tractor linkage bar or ring hitch. The wide chassis on the TOP 632 A and TOP 692 A twin rotor rakes are designed for stability on steep terrain. The chassis can be additionally supported by optional AS tires on wider axles to provide even more grip.

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