The Poettinger TOP 962 C Center-Swath Rake is a high output alternative to four-rotor rakes. With a working width of 29-31.5 feet and a large rotor diameter of 14 feet, the TOP delivers maximum performance.

Mounting is straightforward using a yoke that allows a turning angle of 73 degrees and features a turning angle indicator. The headstock is kept tidy thanks to a practical PTO shaft holder and hydraulic hose boom. The rotors are protected individually against overloading, and a freewheel is integrated as standard into the splitter gearbox.

The TOP 962 C features a six-wheel chassis with tandem axles to provide the best possible ground tracking and smooth running. The slant of the tines can be adjusted using offset bolts, and the tines can be set around 0.6 inches deeper towards the swath formation point.

TOPTECH PLUS rotors with a rotor diameter of 14 feet and 15 tine arms per rotor offer many advantages. The large diameter cam track without steep inclines ensures precise tine control and provides the tine arms with maximum strength and minimum stress on the arm bearings. The tine arms are easy to replace using just three bolts.

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