Pöttinger's TOP 842 C Center-Swath Rake offers high output and excellent ground tracking over a working width of 7.7 -8.4 meters. Flowtast glide bar is available as an option instead of jockey wheels to track the ground close to the tines over the whole surface. With Flowtast, the Rake glides smoothly over problem areas in the field. The large area of contact improves load-bearing capacity on wet, peaty soils. A hydraulic cylinder alleviates the weight of the TOP 842 C rotor unit. This results in a low pressure on the ground of approximately 200 kilograms. This protects the soil and the glide bar. Repair work and downtime are minimized thanks to the reduced wear and lower stress on the frame of the Rake.

The PE 1000 synthetic material that constructs the TOP 842 possesses an enormous resistance to wear and abrasion. Each glide bar consists of five individually exchangeable 15 millimeter thick plates. To provide perfect ground tracking and tine guidance, the glide bar is installed close to the tines. It tracks the ground along the full raking length of the tine arc. The sickle shape bar also offers the best gliding properties during sideways movements.

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