Lemken's Karat 9’s user-friendly engineering, durable construction and innovative options allow farmers to achieve consistent working depths and perfect seedbed preparation in a single pass, even in hilly areas, increasing efficiency and productivity for strategic tillage applications. The Karat 9 offers farmers variable working depths from 2-12 inches to incorporate crop residue deep into the soil for faster nutrient release and compaction alleviation. A set of symmetrically arranged, heavy-duty shanks followed by serrated, concave discs ensures consistent, thorough mixing of soil and organic matter. With working widths from 9.8-23 feet, the Karat 9 can be customized to fit any size operation. With operating speeds up to 8 mph, tillage can be completed quickly in spring or fall.

For optimum efficiency, the Karat shanks feature a user-friendly quick-change system. Each shank is individually attached to a foot assembly with a linchpin, allowing for quick, toolless interchanges. The Karat 9 offers eight different shank configurations, giving farmers maximum versatility for a wide range of operating conditions and working depths. All shank options feature carbide-coated points and wing shares for increased service life. Innovative design on cone and overlapping sections protects the attachment bolt from wear, further increasing shank longevity.

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