Lucas Multi-Purpose Parts Cleaner & Degreaser is made with advanced Polyetheramine detergents to help clean and degrease carburetors, chokes, brake calipers, rotors, air intakes, throttle bodies and unpainted metal parts. It removes any build up that can cause loss of power, rough idle, high emissions and hard starting.

Lucas Multi-Purpose Parts Cleaner & Degreaser helps remove unwanted deposits such as gum, varnish, oil, brake fluid, grease, dirt and sludge. It cleans brakes for better performance and smoother operation.

Lucas Oil’s Parts Cleaner & Degreaser is available in an aerosol can for ease of application, contains no CFCs or solvents and is 50 state VOC compliant. It is fast drying and will not harm catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.

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