Lucas Oil Complete Engine Treatment provides a comprehensive, high-quality solution to clean, lubricate and improve the overall health and performance of nearly any engine (gas or diesel, 4-stroke or 2-stroke). It is designed to be used in fuel or engine oil and boasts a wide range of benefits for a vast array of vehicles.

When added to fuel, Lucas Complete Engine Treatment works by not only cleaning, but also lubricating multiple systems, removing deposits, protecting against corrosion and ensuring a more complete fuel burn. When added to engine oil, Complete Engine Treatment can withstand the harshest of conditions to clean the engine, while also forming a protective barrier against heat and improving oil flow in cold weather. This multi-system cleaner and lubricant counteracts the corrosive effects of ethanol in fuel, stabilizing it in the process. Complete Engine Treatment is also alcohol-free, opting to blend in petroleum for added lubrication instead of the potentially harmful alcohol found in other competing product lines.

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