Lemken’s Rubin 10’s 25 inch concave discs support a working depth up to 5.5 inches. A wide range of models are available to ensure a precise fit with the customer’s unique operation. The Rubin 10 is available with working widths from 8-23 feet. Depending on model and field conditions, the implement is capable of working speeds up to 10 miles per hour.

A symmetrical disc arrangement eliminates side draft, reducing overlap and the need for corrections when working with GPS. The symmetrical forces deliver excellent penetration and high-acreage performance while saving fuel and completing perfect seedbed prep in a single pass. In addition, the discs are inclined 20 degrees to the soil with a 17-degree angle toward the outside in the front rows and a 15-degree tilt toward center in rear row. This allows for optimum penetration and ensures cultivation over the full working width. To achieve maximum clearance between discs and eliminate blockage in moist and sticky soils, the Rubin 10’s discs are individually attached to a surface hardened stalk.

Optional depth control wheels further increase handling and working capabilities, ensuring consistent working depths and smooth operation even on slopes.

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