Lemken's Rubin 10 Compact Disc Harrow replaces the Rubin 9 model and exceeds the capabilities of the Rubin 9, offering fuel savings and longer service life. The Rubin 10 offers the same intensive uniform mixing as the Rubin 9 at shallow depths of up to 6 inches. It handles heavy trash more aggressively than the Rubin 9 with its bigger, stronger discs that measure 25 inches in diameter. It also delivers more efficient field performance with its new symmetrical disc arrangement on both sides of the machine, which eliminates lateral pull, ensuring the machine pulls straight and reducing fuel consumption.

The Rubin 10 features surface-hardened DuraMaxx for a 30% longer service life than conventional discs. Each disc is equipped with override protection that significantly minimizes frame loads when discs hit obstacles in the field. The integrated harrow behind the first row of discs and the rear impact and leveling harrow improve the crumbling and distribution of soil and organic matter for an even, seedbed-ready finish.

For more information, please visit www.Lemken.com/en-ca/lemken-news/news/detail/detail/lemken-launches-rubin-10/.