Lemken has unveiled its newest generation of compact disc harrows, the Rubin 10, which will replace the Rubin 9 once production of the Rubin 10 begins in January 2019.

The Rubin 10 offers the same mixing efficiency at high operating speeds as the Rubin 9, with a shallow working depth of 3 inches up to 6 inches. The Rubin 10 also offers several important improvements in the field.

Lower Fuel Costs; Longer Service Life

The most significant improvement on the Rubin 10 is the new symmetrical disc arrangement on both sides of the machine, which eliminates lateral pull, ensures the machine pulls straight and reduces fuel consumption. 

This patented disc arrangement results in precise pass alignment with the use of GPS, and optimizes soil flow for uniform cultivation across the full width of the machine.

The Rubin 10 features bigger, stronger DuraMaxx discs that measure 25 inches in diameter, extending the service life of the discs by as much as 30 per cent more than conventional discs. 

Each concave disc is equipped with override protection that significantly minimizes frame loads when the discs hit rocks in the field.

The integrated harrow behind the first row of discs and the rear impact and leveling harrow improve the crumbling and distribution of soil and organic matter for an even, seedbed-ready finish in one pass.

Other advantages of the Rubin 10 include:

  • An open frame with large clearances that guarantee blockage-free operation even in heavy crop residue.
  • The three central discs have been offset along the longitudinal axis to ensure reliable, collision-free operation.
  • Working widths ranging from 8 feet up to 23 feet.
  • The new disc legs are 30 mm thick – substantially robust for even greater durability than the previous model.

The mounted version of the Rubin 10 is available with a Uni wheel, for lower lifting force requirements and reduced loads and on the rear tractor axle. Load is applied to the mechanical wheel system as the implement is raised, and no additional spool valve is required. This also allows heavier rollers to be used for better packing and soil consolidation.

Hydraulic Depth Adjustment

All folding versions of the Rubin 10 offer hydraulic depth adjustment as a standard feature. Semi-mounted versions offer optional depth control wheels that ensure even working depths in variable soils and precise pass alignment along slopes.

The new Rubin 10 will be available in January 2019.