Pöttinger's Alpha Motion Master models are attached to the tractor using a 3-point mounting. Thanks to its short headstock — the mower is 34 cm closer to the tractor — the center of gravity is also nearer the tractor. At the same time, the distribution of weight between the front and rear axles has been much improved. With a weight saving of more than 40 kg, fuel consumption is also minimized.

The highlight of the Alpha Motion is the advanced linkage geometry of the carrier frame. On conventional headstocks only the leading linkage responded to bumps in the ground. With the Alpha Motion headstock, the entire carrier frame adapts to the ground contours. Each movement controls the carrier frame to ensure a "floating cut." The carrier frame slants downwards on downhill gradients and upwards when ascending. The result is a unique quality of sward protection thanks to perfect guidance over every contour — even at high speed and on wet ground. 

The mower unit is protected effectively against any sudden impact. The mechanical components are subjected to much less stress thanks to the harmonious flow of the mower and, as a result, wear is reduced and the service life of the mower extended considerably.

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