Pöttinger's Novacat 301 Alpha Motion Pro Disc Mower models are attached to the tractor using a 3-pt. mount. This eliminates the need for mounting via the Weiste A-frame and they can be easily mounted to any tractor. The special feature of all Alpha Motion models is the advanced linkage geometry of the carrier frame. With the Alpha Motion headstock, the entire carrier frame adapts to the ground contours: The carrier frame slants downwards on downhill gradients and upwards when ascending. Even at high speed and on wet ground, thanks to perfect guidance over every contour, the result is a unique quality of sward protection.

The Novacat 301 Alpha Motion Pro features a display of the correct lifting height in working position from the cab and folding front guard. This makes the cutter bar very easily accessible. Also cleaning and blade replacement is easier. Another advantage is the convenient adjustment of the suspension springs. The cover can be easily removed for this purpose. The central greasing points on the headstock make servicing even easier.

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