Pöttinger's NOVACAT 402 ED Rear-Mounted Mower features a working width of 3.88 meters.

On the NOVACAT 402 ED, the ED (extra dry) tine conditioner ensures light and uniform forage placement. The V-shaped tines of hardened steel mounted on rubber blocks guarantees an extended service life. The tines hit the stalks in the crop. The round, high-volume conditioner hood and the adjustable guide vanes enable placement of a loose and airy blanket as well as rapid and uniform drying. Conditioning intensity is adjustable. Depending on individual requirements, a widely spread blanket or swath formation is possible.

The NOVACAT 402 ED's lightweight conditioner hood consists partly of aluminum. The hydraulic lower linkage arm ensures easy mounting without having to adjust the tractor hitch struts. The requisite weight alleviation and ideal ground clearance on the headland are additional advantages. When the cutter bar is raised, it is held firmly in place by a stabilizer cylinder. This makes it easier to drive over swaths and provides greater stability during transport.

During transport the mower is pivoted hydraulically to the rear.

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