When you go all the way from #1 through #6, it starts to open other doors.

You’ve all seen the infographics of a laptop in a farm office and tied to all the equipment trucks, etc., out in the fields behind the farm. Some people see machines. Some people see software. Some people see the data connections back and forth between the two. Some people see agronomy.


Ag Equipment Intelligence, in its On The Record broadcast, pointed to a study that showed there was $240 billion of addressable market around optimizing or improving yields between now and 2050 when the robots and computers take over. So, between now and then, that’s a $240 billion opportunity.

“The answer may be a “subscription” to the equipment, a more comprehensive version of rental, just like Netflix…”

If you read books like Subscribed, you’ve heard that the answer may be a “subscription” to the equipment, a more comprehensive version of rental, just like Netflix. Think of all the data flows, the computers and the equipment. That stuff is hard to own and manage, and some farmers may not want the hassle, especially as the next generation takes control. Maybe they want to subscribe to a service that gets everything where it needs to be so that they, or someone on their team, can just jump into the seat.

As marketers, you’re going to be closer to these changes than anyone. Start poking around and learning about it. You can help lead your dealer to where that next step should be.

Titan Machinery’s Jeff Bowman: 7 Key Changes to Transform Dealership Marketing

#1. Own Customer Growth: ‘Nobody is Better Suited to Drive the Growth Agenda Than the Head of Marketing.’

#2 Build the Waterfall: Align Marketing, Sales & OEM from Top to Bottom

#3. Brand Beyond the Iron: “Is Our Brand Presenting the Image You Want Across Thousands Upon Thousands of Interactions With Customers?”

#4 Pull The Triggers: From Dirt to Decisions: Unearthing the Value

#5 Make Moments Core to Your Business

#6 Finish Strong Online

#7. Change the Game