After strong encouragement from our Dealership of the Year Alumni Group, Dealer Advisory Board and Dealership Minds Summit attendees we’re moving forward in 2018 with another Dealers Only event that zeros in on one of the farm equipment dealerships’ biggest pain points – finding the customer before they’ve made a purchase decision and moving them through the funnel to set the table for the order.

Marketing for the Farm Equipment Dealership was by far and away the TOP choice in surveys among dealers for the focused theme of the next Dealership Minds Summit. It was over 40% higher than the next closest topical theme.

After a record-setting success last summer in Omaha, the Dealership Minds Summit will be back in July 2018.

This time, we’re taking marketing to the next level with the theme Intelligence Driven Marketing (Targeting – Automation – Analytics – Content).

We’ll be in Iowa City July 24-25 just ahead of the National Strip-Tillage Conference. The summit is geared toward direct-level farm equipment dealership leaders in marketing, finance, operations and IT, and of course your dealership’s top marketing integrator.

We’ve already got 7 sponsors who have stepped up to support this event for you.

We’re excited to bring together the top industry leading dealers to share the actionable concepts to improve your marketing and overall business.

The video below is from our recently concluded Precision Farming Dealer Summit, in which Farm Equipment managing editor Kim Schmidt announces this highly sought-after event.