Dealership Minds Summit 2018


Discover Leading Dealer-to-Dealer Marketing Strategies During This One-of-a-Kind 2-Day Networking and Idea Sharing Event

Farm equipment dealerships must be more effective and competitive with their marketing efforts to keep pace with changing technology and growing and better competition. Today, data to drive your marketing efforts is a must. The customer experience must begin long before a customer steps foot inside your dealership. It’s critical that the prospect be nurtured along through the whole buying process in order for the sales team to have a chance for the close.

And that’s why last year’s Dealership Minds Summit attendees overwhelmingly chose “Intelligence Driven Marketing” as the theme for the 2018 Summit.

On the advice and expertise of our Dealership of the Year Alumni and Editorial Advisory Board, we’ve assembled a program to attract the top marketing minds in the industry, guaranteed to show you successful marketing ideas, metrics and tactics you can use right away at your dealership and to plan with your team before 2019 budgets are set. 

You’ll leave the meeting with an inventory of ideas from the best marketing minds in the business. You’ll also build a network with dealers from different markets — and different brands — who are just one phone call away, compounding your knowledge network. This is no watered down “marketing conference” designed for just any industry job title. Dealership Minds “Intelligence Driven Marketing” is for ag equipment dealers only. Register now to guarantee a seat at the table!


Learn Intelligence Driven Marketing Strategies from
the Best Marketing Minds in the Business


"Moving Your Marketing Department from Traditional Marketing to Intelligent Marketing"

Jeff Bowman
Chief Experience Officer, Titan Machinery, Fargo, N.D.

With 20 years of experience as a leader in driving business technology, Jeff Bowman brings inside knowledge of how Intelligence Driven Marketing can change the game for farm equipment dealerships. Bowman spent 7 years at Caterpillar as the director of Customer eBuisness and Global eBusiness Manager, focused on defining and executing the company’s strategy to transform the digital customer experience. In just 3 years, he helped Cat double its digital impact to 25% of company revenues, including 5 TIMES growth in sales through online leads.

Now serving on Titan Machinery’s executive team and leading the marketing efforts for its 89 stores in the U.S. and 20 stores in Europe, Bowman will detail how Titan Machinery’s ($1.2 billion in sales in 2017) marketing staff of 5 uses digital marketing to improve the customer experience and the sales teams ability to close the sale.


"Proving Your Marketing ROI"

Tyler Musson
Director of Marketing, Washington, Tractor

Can you prove that your marketing efforts are making a difference? Using a targeted approach to reach out to your customers with the information they need allows you to track their behaviors and use the data to funnel them through to the sales team. When you can track your customers’ interaction with your dealership, you can prove the Return on Investment (ROI) of your marketing strategy, maintains, Tyler Musson, Director of Marketing, Washington Tractor. For the last 10 years, Musson has focused on digital marketing, including video production, video marketing, search engine optimization, mobile web design and marketing, social media marketing, lead capture and delivery. “Transformational growth is realized when opportunity meets potential and is fearlessly pursued with purpose,” he says. “Building innovative, relevant and accountable marketing strategies with measurable ROI is my passion.”
As the director of marketing for Washington Tractor, a 12-store John Deere dealership in Washington, Musson has helped increase the group’s consumer products business by 300% using data and target marketing. Washington Tractor has overhauled its marketing strategy to be data driven, automated and programmatic, which has enabled the dealership to achieve $165 million in revenue in 2017.

In this session, Musson will discuss the role data and analytics have in the creation of Washington Tractor’s marketing strategy, including the formulas he created to prove marketing’s ROI. “Lots of people have Big ideas. Execution is what matters. I choose execution over ideas,” he says.


"Video Marketing — What Work’s & What Doesn’t"

Mike Wiles
Consultant, Ask Tractor Mike

The YouTube platform is growing rapidly, and for many of your customers it’s now their first stop for information. The Tractor Mike YouTube channel was created in 2012 when Wiles, who was managing a farm equipment dealership at the time, recognized a lack of unbiased tractor training available to consumers. “There were lots of tractor videos trying to sell product, but almost none offering basic training. I posted a video of how to hook up a 3-point implement and was shocked by the number of views it received. He learned how he and other dealers could capture customers early in the buying cycle through videos that are of great value for marketing, communication and research.” The Ask Tractor Mike YouTube channel recently hit 5 million views with 20,000 subscribers.

In addition to 25 years of experience in the farm equipment business — as a major line territory manager and in dealership management — Wiles teaches agricultural sales at Missouri State University and is co-owner of EDM, a firm that develops websites and offers YouTube consulting. He’s also a regular contributor to Farm Equipment and Rural Lifestyle Dealer magazines. During this discussion, Wiles will enthusiastically detail practical ways that a dealership can start using videos and YouTube in their marketing strategy, highlighting what works and doesn’t work with customers.


See What Your Fellow Equipment Dealer Attendees Have to Say About the Dealership Minds Summit

Take in the sights and sounds from this no-time-wasted networking and idea-sharing event. Hear past attendees share their memorable moments and offer their advice for other dealers who are considering attending.

The most influential “Dealership Minds” in the industry — of every color, size and experiences — will gather July 24-25 in Iowa City



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