Some employees have such a need to get things resolved that they move too quickly. They make a bad deal just to say they’ve made it, or issue a directive without thinking it through just to say they’ve handled a problem decisively.

And yet, urgent employees are usually some of the most committed and are often very productive, says Liz Kislik for an article on She says there steps you can take to help your employees balance urgency for better long-term decisions:

1. Help them recognize their impact on others

Show your employees how teamwork pays off for everyone by emphasizing the importance of collaboration. Do not praise staff for every accomplishment made. Instead, praise the process of joint planning and coordination.

2. Encourage them to identify all the consequences of their actions 

It’s important for employees to see the negative effects of acting too quickly. Help them recognize that input from others is needed. Wrong decisions can lead to damage if they aren’t weighed properly or are made without sufficient data.

3. Pair them with long-term thinkers

By having an urgent and intense employee work with a colleague who excels in areas like research and planning, you can create balance. This kind of match-up lets urgent employees actually experience the success that comes from a more deliberate, thoughtful approach.

4. Coach them to separate the feeling of urgency from what actually needs to be done

Sometimes employees feel pressure to get things done, but the pressure might not come from the work itself. The pressure and urgency could come from feeling the responsibility of handling it all, which suppresses growth individually and as a business.

Engage the rest of the team to help them take on more responsibility, understand ramifications and know how to adapt if things don’t go as planned. Once employees realize that deliberation can generate significantly better results, they can learn to corral their urgency in service of achieving better performance.