The John Deere S700 Combine Models offer producers significant improvements in smart technology, improved operator comfort and better data, along with 700C/FC Series Corn Heads and 700D Drapers for more efficient grain harvesting.

The S700 Combines incorporate the latest in automated harvesting technology. Many of these changes make it easier on the operator by allowing the combine to make needed adjustments automatically, on the go. To further maximize the performance of the S700 Combine, John Deere features the Combine Advisor package. Combine Advisor incorporates seven technologies to help operators set, optimize and automate the combine for the most effective harvesting performance based on their crop and field conditions.

The combines' CommandCenter provides a common user experience across Deere’s larger tractor and self-propelled sprayer lines, that emphasizes customization and operator comfort. Machine performance features of the CommandCenter include a Gen. 4 interface and monitor with 4600 processer; CommandArm and multi-function control lever with greater ergonomic design and customizable buttons; premium activation with AutoTrac, RowSense and HarvestDoc; and Extended Monitor and mobile device features. In addition, set up and start up is quicker and easier, thanks to more intuitive harvest run and setup screens.

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