Kirby vertical augers are made from heavy duty, extra thick, 80,000 psi tensile strength steel plate material. The auger flighting is engineered for minimum power demand, reducing the overall wear on the equipment.

The hydrostatic drive systems are complemented by two speed hydraulic motors that automatically shift between low and high speed. This shifting action is driven by the mixer’s power demand. At the start of mixing a feed batch, the motors/augers will be in high speed. This higher speed action ensures a quick, uniform and efficient cutting of all roughage material. As more ingredients are added to the mixer, the pressure in the hydraulic system will increase. At a pre-set pressure, the motors/augers will automatically shift to low speed. This lower speed allows the mixer to mix even the largest of loads with ease, while still producing a thoroughly mixed TMR ration and simultaneously minimizing damage to the more fragile ingredients. This also reduces the overall power requirements of the mixer. When discharging the feed from mixer, the mixer will shift to high speed when the system’s operating pressure is below the pre-set pressure.

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