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For this recording -- the first to feature an equipment manufacturer from California, Ric and Editor Mike Lessiter met while both traveling in the Plains States giving them a chance to discuss the California-based Kirby Manufacturing, a pioneer in equipment for large commercial dairies, which retired a lot of pitchforks.

Specializing in feeding equipment for cattle- and dairymen, Kirby Manufacturing was actually borne from equipment dealership roots by Ric Kirby’s grandfather, Tom, and great-uncle, in 1946. Ric’s dad and grandfather both died at a young age, and the newly graduated Ric was mentored by his great-uncle Bill in 1989.

You’ll hear Ric explain the company’s evolution from dealer to manufacturer, some entertaining sales and demo techniques (including the “broken-down-truck” trick), their growing international business ... and memories of the day the team rallied behind a commitment to one another to weather a financial hardship. And, the advantages of acting as its own dealer in California.

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