Patz Corp.'s current 270 and 350 cubic foot trailer vertical mixers are now available as Patz 800 Series II Vertical Mixers. Enhancements include an increase in tub wall thickness (from 0.1875 to 0.25 inches) and a containerized package for international shipping.

This go-to mixer blends a wide variety of ingredients and can be used for several different applications to fit an operation’s needs. The 800 Series II Trailer Vertical Mixer is great for feeding dairy and beef cattle, sheep, goats and hogs. Composting is another popular use for this mixer; it can handle yard/field waste, food waste, cardboard, sawdust, poultry litter, biosolids and much more.

A wide variety of options allow multiple opportunities for customization. Customers will be able to choose discharge door location(s) that best fits the needs of their operation. A  tub mounted magnet can be added to remove tramp metal from the ration. Additional options include RAPTOR knives, hay retainer kits, a camera package and scale packages.

The 800 Series II Trailer Vertical Mixers feature a simple design and are engineered with high-quality components to ensure long life and reliable performance.

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