Patz Corp. recently introduced its largest twin screw trailer mixer in the Patz Vertical Mixer Series: 1,100 cubic feet (31.1 cubic meters) 2400 Series II Trailer Twin Screw Vertical Mixer. The addition of optional steel/rubber side extensions boosts its capacity to 1,270 cubic feet (36 cubic meters).

The 2400 Series II offers the flexibility to incorporate a wider variety of ingredients, including alternative feeds, into rations. Using two patent-pending Vortex screws and patented baffles, ingredients are mixed quickly without compromising feed quality. This unique mixing design ensures a complete, thorough TMR, regardless of batch size.

Featuring four super single truck tires, the mixer has a self-steering rear axle to improve turning radius and minimize tire wear, stresses on axles, hubs, spindles and suspension. Also contributing to this mixer's low maintenance design, the primary PTO driveline features an automatic cutout clutch, eliminating the need to replace shear bolts.

Engineered for optimal performance, it includes a 2-speed drive package, available with or without an optional oil cooling system. Another standard feature, a Bull-Pull articulating implement hitch prevents backlash for precise control.

A wide variety of options provide multiple opportunities for customization. A patent-pending tub mounted magnet is available to easily remove tramp metal that may be contained in the ration. Ideal for high-hay rations, patent-pending RAPTOR knives feature a forward-facing design to dig in, hook and cut bales faster and more aggressively. Additional options include a planetary cooling system, camera package and choice of discharges.

Patz 2400 Series II Trailer Twin Screw Vertical Mixers feature a simple design, engineered with high-quality components to ensure long life and reliable performance. The mixers are also available in 810 cubic feet (22.9 cubic meters) and 950 cubic feet (26.9 cubic meters).

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