The I-5100 builds on Salford’s patented design, to deliver the first full primary tillage machine in the Independent Series. Four rows of concave blades are spaced five inches apart through the frame, acting like two passes with a tandem disc. The I-5100’s high clearance, independent blade mounts and long frame improve soil and residue flow making this unit almost impossible to plug.

The independently mounted blades use pressure off the bottom of the frame for unprecedented down force and are equipped with a rubber suspension for maximum obstacle protection. The first three rows of blades are mounted on a double angle, with an open blade face to mix more soil and residue. The second angle tips the blade under to improve ground penetration. The fourth row of blades is on a less aggressive angle to begin soil leveling ahead of the HD finishing harrow and baskets.

The I-5100 can be equipped with Salford’s FlexFinish hydraulically adjustable attachments for additional versatility. FlexFinish tine harrows and rolling baskets allow adjustment of finishing attachments to meet field conditions, without leaving the cab.

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