When it comes to farming equipment, size does matter, especially when working high acreage farms. In its commitment to finding new ways to help farmers more efficiently work the land, Salford Farm Machinery Ltd. is introducing the 9800 Wingfold primary tillage tool, available for the 2009 growing season.

"We recognized there was a demand for a wider tillage tool that can handle the horsepower needed to till large acreage farms," explains Geof Gray, General Manager of Salford. "The 9800 Wingfold allows one pass soil and residue management in all soil types, which means fewer machines are needed to manage high residue crops. This will save farmers time and money. And when the job is done, the system folds into a 12 foot, 6 inch unit for safe, easy transportation and storage."

With 15" and 20" shank spacing options, one run through the field will achieve 100 per cent soil disturbance, destroying not only the previous crop root system, but also insect and disease habitat.

The resulting uniform soil density translates into high seed germination rates due to even moisture and temperature conditions. This leading, individually mounted disc cutting systems does not plug, resulting in a more uniform finish than rear mounted systems and no time lost cleaning plugged gangs and scrapers.

"We know farmers will see the many benefits of using the 9800 Wingfold primary tillage tool to create uniform conditions in their fields, thereby increasing yield potential," says Gray. "Since soil is a non-renewable resource, having the right tillage for your needs is an important tool in preventing soil erosion, loss of organic matter and degradation of soil aggregates."

Additional Facts & Features:

  • One pass soil and residue management in all soil types
  • Create uniform, level soil surfaces at any speed
  • Individual mounted cutting discs – prevents plugging in wet conditions
  • Narrow transport width of 12 ft. 6 in. in wing fold models
  • 100 per cent soil aeration for maximum microbial action and rapid breakdown of residue
  • Eliminates soil compaction for improved water absorption and reduced erosion
  • Uniform soil density management across the full working width
  • Designed and built for speed, high horsepower and high yielding Bt corn residue
  • Thorough residue mixing in the aerobic zone for exceptional control of soil borne insects and diseases
  • Shallow concave disc blade or straight coulter options
  • Parabolic and heavy-duty chisel ripper shank options and combinations for all soil types and crop rotations
  • Full auto reset rock protection
  • 15" and 20" shank spacing options
  • Rear mounted residue management and leveling options for uniform residue distribution and conditioning

FEATURE: 15" and 20" shank spacing. Shank and wear part options are available which allows the producer to achieve 100 per cent soil disturbance to the full working depth of the tool.
BENEFIT: In corn production this close shank spacing, combined with the Salford heavy duty chisel system, makes it possible to completely disturb all of the previous crop root system, essential to the destruction of insect and disease habitat. The 100 per cent soil disturbance also ensures uniform soil density, moisture and temperature conditions for high seed germination rates and rapid, uniform plant emergence that are essential for high corn yields. Water absorption and drainage is improved over competitive primary tillage systems, which translates into less surface runoff with the associated loss of nutrients and reduced soil erosion.
PAYBACK: This system allows earlier planting dates because the soil temperature and moisture conditions are uniform across the entire field, which also increases yield potential. Reduced seeding rates are possible because the germination percentages are higher and yield potential increases when plant emergence is rapid and uniform across the entire field.

FEATURE: Narrow Transport. 12ft. 6 in. transport width is the same as most tractors on models ranging from 18 ft to 24 ft.
BENEFIT: Rear visibility during transport is exceptional, resulting in safer road transport. It also reduces storage requirements.

FEATURE: Individually mounted, front mounted shallow concave disc blades with two rock protection systems.
BENEFIT: Residue sizing and mixing systems will not plug regardless of the soil or residue conditions.
This reduces down time and operator fatigue. The front mount discs are always
operating in firm soil for maximum sizing and mixing of residues, avoiding the tendency of plugging in rear mounted disc systems.
Stalk chopping, chopper headers and disking is not necessary, even in high Bt corn residues.
PAYBACK: Fewer machines are needed to manage high residue crops, thereby reducing capital investment, repair and maintenance costs, storage costs and insurance costs.

FEATURE: Rear mounted harrow finishing systems.
BENEFIT: Less horsepower required than rear mounted disc levelers resulting in lower maintenance costs than disc levelers.
PAYBACK: Reduced operating costs.

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With its head office based in Salford, Ontario, Salford Farm Machinery Limited is a premium manufacturer of innovative tillage and seeding implements as well as various class trailers. From its production facilities in Ontario, Canada and Osceola, Iowa, the company has a growing international customer and sales base around the world. Known for providing solid performance through innovative design, Salford is also recognized as a leader in customer service and dealer assistance.

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