The I-2200 is equipped with heavier Coil-Tech II blade mounts, 22 inch blades and five inch blade spacing.

The heavier blade mounts allow the I-2200 to penetrate deeper into the soil for improved leveling and residue incorporation, while maintaining the incredible flexibility of the Coil-Tech design. The unmatched clearance and obstacle protection make this an ideal tool for damp soil and rocky conditions.

The increased down pressure combined with larger blades and tighter blade spacing improve residue sizing and incorporation, accelerating residue break down and warming seedbeds. This superior seedbed preparation improves planter seed placement, promoting more even, rapid, germination without creating density layers that can slow and stunt plant growth.

The I-2200 can be equipped with Salford’s SwitchBlade and FlexFinish hydraulically adjustable attachments for additional versatility. The SwitchBlade shanks can be ordered on 30 or 15 inch spacing and equipped for chisel operation to further reduce soil density in the fall, or knife points for fertilizer application. FlexFinish hydraulically adjustable tine harrows and rolling baskets allow the finishing attachments to be adjusted to residue volume and varying field moisture without leaving the cab.

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