John Deere Frontier VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tools can be easily adjusted and custom-configured to best fit the level of residue management and tillage that customers want.

The VT17 Series offers fore and aft leveling adjustments that can quickly be made using a simple crank system. Gang angles on the implement can be adjusted 0-12 degrees for less or more aggressive tillage. Operators can fine-tune the machine’s operating depth of 0-3 inches using a pin-and-clip adjustment.

The VT17 comes with the choice of 20 inch straight or 22 inch concave blades. Each blade type is fluted for improved residue flow, sizing and mixing, even with aggressive gang settings. The machine’s spring-adjustable rolling baskets run perpendicular to the blade direction to break up clods and improve field leveling and seedbed uniformity.

Four sizes of VT17 Series Vertical Tillage Tools are available with working widths of 10-15 feet. 

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