Salford's I-4200 combines the residue mixing abilities of a disc with the field finish characteristics of a cultivator. 

It features 5 inch blade spacing overall, with two rows of 22 inch concave blades followed by two rows of 22 inch wavy coulters. The coulters are carried by heavy Coil-Tech II blade mounts, improving Salford’s ground penetration, while maintaining industry leading clearance and obstacle protection.
The front two rows of concave blades have the power to level ruts and maximize residue incorporation. The rear two rows of 22 inch wavy coulters improve residue sizing and incorporation, accelerating residue breakdown and warming seedbeds. This superior seedbed preparation improves planter seed placement, promoting more even, rapid, germination without creating density layers. This combination of blade types improves mechanical weed control and provides stronger performance in high-residue or wet conditions, compared to compact discs or gang-style VT machines.

The I-4200 can be equipped with Salford’s FlexFinish hydraulically adjustable attachments for additional versatility. FlexFinish tine harrows and rolling baskets allow adjustment of finishing attachments to meet field conditions, without leaving the cab.

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