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Precision Farming Dealer Summit 2019 Recap

Banking on Billable Service for Sustainable Precision Profit

Strong customer relationships – essential for sustainable growth in the farm equipment business – are especially critical for dealers looking to grow in the fast-paced precision farming business.
There are profits to be made for dealers who sell and service the ever-changing mix of precision farming goods and services.
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Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Packaging & Pricing Precision Support Plans for Recurring Revenue

Selecting attractive services, soliciting customer feedback and capitalizing on supplemental sales opportunities are the cornerstones of profitability.
Putting together a precision farming service plan can be a messy process. What to include — and exclude — how to bill and of course, what to charge, are key decisions that need to be made prior to launching a package.
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Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Internal Management Challenges Still to Solve for Sustainable Precision Farming Service Plans

Jason Pennycook, precision specialist at Johnson Tractor (4 stores in Wisconsin and Illinois), says Johnson is still working on the internal management issues, including how service plans are billed, who is responsible and how to get all locations on the same page, as many farmers will use one or more stores. “We’re working on ways to make sure every service manager at every store knows when a farmer is on a service plan so he doesn’t get billed incorrectly.”
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PFD Summit: Johnson Tractor’s Advice on Precision Service Plans

Jason Pennycook, precision specialist, Johnson Tractor, Janesville, Wis., has had 3 years of precision service plan experience. Johnson Tractor offers a basic (phone support and training class) and a premium (also including onsite visit). Other individual packages include precision training on-farm, spring planter checkups and yield monitor checkups.
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PFD Summit: Creating Precision Service Plans: Makes & Misses

With less equipment being rolled, precision service plan sales could see a shot in the arm. These dealers share their advice for getting them in place.
After years of “giving unapplied service labor away for free when it came to precision technologies” the dealer panel presentation on capturing revenue in service plans for precision was of keen interest for Summit attendees.
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