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What Should Influence Your Used Valuations?

As part of his recent presentation at the 2020 Virtual Dealership Minds Summit, Trent Hummel, consultant and trainer with the Western Equipment Dealers Assn.’s (WEDA) Dealer Institute, showcased a series of studies conducted with Farm Equipment in which surveyed dealers were asked what influences their valuations of used equipment.
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Optimizing Your Used Combine Business Through Data-Tracking

Trent Hummel breaks down how dealers can use hard data to get a handle on their used markets and make smart decisions with their used combine inventories.
Interest in used equipment is on the rise, but not particularly in used combines. According to results from Ag Equipment Intelligence’s August 2020 Dealer Sentiments report, a net 6% of dealers reported their used inventory “too low” in July, the first time it’s been “too low” since June 2012.
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Ask the Expert: Finding the 1st and 2nd Trade

When it comes to the future trade-ins, I’m not so much concerned about trying to find a home for the $100,000 combine. What I’m more concerned about is that first and second trade that are $350,000 or $280,000 machines. So when I look out there, I try to see how many guys might be interested in those units. Unfortunately, right now when we go to talk to somebody about a high dollar, late, low hour used model, that same person is probably someone who could buy a new one, too. So we have to be careful who we talk to. We have to get to know their business before saying, “Hey, why don’t you buy a new one?” Because there’s a likely chance they should be buying a used one.
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