Alexandria, Minn. — Machinery Scope has announced it now offers Ag Guard powertrain extended service contracts on tractors and combines up to 15 years old.

Ag Guard was already a leader in the industry by covering agricultural equipment out to 10 years old and up to 5,000 total engine hours. By expanding those solutions to include tractors and combines up to 15 years old, they have significantly increased the number of machines eligible for coverage, helping farmers and equipment dealers find greater opportunity in this popular market segment.

Co-owner of Ag Guard, Dexter Schaible, says, “There are so many tractors and combines in the market over 10 years old that are still in excellent shape. Ag Guard and Machinery Scope want farmers and equipment dealers to take advantage of adding extended service coverage to these units. This will give the buyer added peace of mind having powertrain coverage. This will also help the dealers sell these quality units that might be a couple of years older than past coverage allowed. Our programs are here to help the dealer sell more equipment and for the buyers to protect their investments. Ag Guard will continue to pay claims quickly and fairly, and there will always be someone knowledgeable to assist along the way.”

Co-owner of Machinery Scope, Darrin Myhre, says, “Ag Guard’s announcement to offer industry-leading powertrain coverage on combines & tractors out to 15 years old is exciting. With Ag Guard’s experience and ties to the industry, they have always been flexible about providing coverage solutions on units just outside of their stated coverage options, but this allows dealers to offer even more units to their customers with peace of mind against major powertrain failures.”

By extending powertrain coverage on tractors and combines out to 15 years, Machinery Scope is able to cover machines that are highly coveted because of the price point and fewer emissions components.

Machinery Scope account manager, former JD service technician, and farmer, Dominic Hlinsky, says, “We are excited to help add peace of mind for farmers looking at pre-def combine and tractors. One major powertrain failure with these machines can cost half to two-thirds of what they currently retail for. With a small investment, a farmer can substantially reduce the risk of major equipment repairs costs.”