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Precision Farming Dealer Summit 2019 Recap

Add Depth Through Recruiting, Retention & Advancement

Once you find a precision farming technician with some potential, set a clear on-boarding plan and career path to increase the likelihood of retaining a long-term employee.
Finding good employees — and retaining them — is a challenge for all farm equipment dealership departments, but it is particularly challenging for the precision farming department where burnout rates are high.
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Precision Farming Dealer Summit

Clearly Defined Culture Breeds a Commitment to Precision Performance

3 diverse dealers dissect the dynamics of a productive employee-manager relationship, along with the detriments of poor communication.
The shifting nature of precision farming demands a foundation for employee commitment, yet the unique structure of any given dealership eliminates the possibility for any universal blueprint. Rarely does the perfect formula come from direct replication or an unhinged maverick move, but the best plans often fall somewhere in between.
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Wider World of Business

Talent Management Evolves; Requires Deeper Understanding

It seems that this is how talent management tends to go on many farms and in many food and agribusiness firms today. We’ve done a job for so long, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to not know how to do it. When the boss ahead of us gets promoted, we move up too. Then we hire replacements, “set them on the tractor” and tell them to go do good things. As long as the employee does good things, we stay out of the way. When mistakes are made, we scramble to fix them and admonish the employee to do it right next time.
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Brian Taschuk
Special Report: After the Ink Dries

Cultural Integration: Embrace Change From the Get Go

Agriterra Equipment is an ever-growing dealership group that stresses open communication in the days following an acquisition.
Agriterra Equipment, an 8-store AGCO dealer in Alberta, was born out of an acquisition in 2013. Brian Taschuk started the dealership by acquiring Selmac Equipment, which was a 3-store operation. Since that initial acquisition, Taschuk has acquired another dealership every 6 months. Today, the dealership has grown to 8 stores. “We’re on a constant integration journey every month,” he says.
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PFD Summit: Recruiting & Retaining Precision Farming Specialists

Knowing what traits to look for and where to find new employees is only the beginning. Keeping employees is a whole other battle.
Finding the next generation of precision farming specialists is a challenge that almost 40% of dealers reported was among their most important issues in the Precision Farming Dealer 2015 Benchmark Study. First, dealers must identify the traits they’re looking for in potential candidates for their fast-paced, rapidly evolving precision farming departments. Then, they face the challenge of actually finding these recruits.
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George Russell
Technology for Profit

Article Rewind: What We’ve Covered So Far

I began writing a regular column in 2009 under the banner “Planning for Profits,” which focused on ways progressive farm equipment dealers can improve their bottom lines. In early 2012, the editorial focus changed to “Technology for Profits” — that is how dealers can and should use technology profitably. This list responds to dealers who have asked for copies to previously published articles.
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