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Innovation and progress go hand-in-hand, and in an industry like agriculture innovation has very tangible results. We’re faced with a growing population that demands more food, but we can’t create more land for farming. In order to keep up demand, technology and innovation will have to lead the way. For the past 26 years, members of the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) seek out and recognize the most innovative of these advancements with the AE50 Award.

For the first time in 2013, ASABE partnered with the Assn. of Equipment Manufacturers’ AG CONNECT Expo and Summit to honor the “best of the best” from among the products selected for the 2012 and 2013 AE50 Awards. These new Gold and Silver awards were presented at the Expo on January 29 and highlighted in a special display at the every-other-year show.

To be eligible for the award, each development — which could be a component, machine, structure, system, end product or procedure — must embody the application of new technology or the innovative application of an older technology. The technology must be new to the whole industry, not just to an individual company. In addition, for the 2013 awards the development must have been first offered for sale between January 1-December 31, 2012.

An international panel of industry experts in technology, design and product development evaluated entries. Here are all of the winners:

Vermeer 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler with Inline Ramp

VermeerThe 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler is built to make baling cornstalks more efficient with added capability via the innovative Inline Ramp. The optional Inline Ramp makes picking up cornstalks more efficient by turning the bale 90 degrees upon ejection so bales are lined up along the rows for easy loading, eliminating driving across rows, ridges and stalks. The Inline Ramp also means less damage to bales by reducing the need for operators to move bales for loading. In addition, the 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler offers enhanced durability and a unique and patented powered wind guard design to provide better starts, faster operating speeds and clean uniform intake of cornstalks. The 605 Super M Cornstalk Special Baler is built for handling cornstalks just like hay, even in the tough conditions and tight timeframes of late season cornstalk baling.

KSi Conveyors 2114 High-Capacity Conveyor with Drive-Over Swing-Away

KsiThe KSi Model 2114 high�capacity conveyor with drive�over swing�away moves high�value seed, grain and other fragile commodities gently and efficiently. Its 72 centimeter (30 inch) wide driveover belt and 53 centimeter (21 inch) wide incline belt with 10 centimeter (4 inch) molded cleats transport up to 10,000 bushels per hour in a 36 centimeter (14 inch) tube. The dual drive system powers the belt to inclines of 36 degrees while maintaining even tension across the belt width. The conveyor is designed for 30 million bushel life and has a completely enclosed belt return. The drive�over tows beside the incline conveyor during road transport and rotates under hydraulic power into position for semihopper unloading. The conveyor comes in lengths of 26, 30 and 35 meters (85, 100 and 115 feet) with PTO drive standard. An electric drive option is available.

Pentair Hypro 3376 Series Cleanload

PentairThe 3376 Series Cleanload provides new performance and safety features with the CycloRinse tank rinsing system. The CycloRinse feature increases the meltdown and incorporation of dry flowable agrochemicals into the tank solution mix by providing a continuous sheeting action on the tank walls. Faster incorporation means less time for mixing and more time for spraying. Other features include an eductor with three nozzle sizes tuned for optimal performance according to the application: turf, crop sprayer or transfer. The newly designed ball valves provide easy�turn action for ease of use and ergonomic value while reducing stack height of the Cleanload assembly.

New Holland 840CD Rigid Draper Header

New HollandThe New Holland 840CD rigid draper header is an all�new product in the New Holland stable of combine headers, perfect for harvesting small grains where cutting off at the ground is preferred. It is available in cutting widths of 7.6, 9.1, 10.7, 12.2 and 13.7 meters (25, 30, 35, 40 and 45 feet) with features that include the patented SynchroKnife drive, a patented fully integrated transport system, an isolated hydraulic system that allows for individual adjustments in draper belts and knife speeds, industry�exclusive draper belt controls, and new auto header height control software that maintains a simple header�to�combine coupling and optimum cut performance. The header also includes standard hydraulic in�cab control of the header cut angle (four degrees forward, three degrees rear) and extra wide 2.1-meter (83 inch) in�feed belts to handle large crop volumes.

Pentair Hypro 9307 Series Pumps with ForceField Technology

PentairHypro brand 9307 Series Pumps, with ForceField technology, are designed for today’s rugged environment. They offer a unique isolated seal chamber that improves reliability, robustness and extends the life of the pump. The product solution pump of a crop sprayer conducts a myriad of compounded chemistries through its system. The seal chamber of this pump is designed with a passive pressure compensating system to safely protect the mechanical seal faces against all chemistries without the need for monitoring or maintenance.

New Holland ABS SuperSteer for New Holland T7

New HollandThe New Holland ABS SuperSteer, available on New Holland T7 Series tractors, is the first use of an antiâ€?lock braking system on a conventional tractor. It delivers the same onâ€?road safety features as ABS fitted to a passenger car: improved vehicle stability and controlled steering while braking. The system monitors wheel rotation and braking force to eliminate wheel lockup, even on lowâ€?friction surfaces such as wet or icy roads. It provides straightâ€?line braking if wheels on one side are on a different surface than the other side. ABS SuperSteer allows steering around an obstacle when braking hard. For improved safety, an electronic latch automatically activates at speeds greater than 12 kph (7.46 mph) so that either pedal operates all four brakes. The system can also use the rear independent brake control to reduce the tractor’s turning circle by as much as 50% over the standard T7 for field operations.

New Holland Advanced Operator-Control System for H800 Series Speedrower Self-Propelled Windrowers

New HollandThis advanced operator�control system includes a multifunction handle (MFH), software that provides additional operator feedback, and an Intelliview touch�screen monitor. The control system offers more convenience and functional control, with more intuitive access to information and adjustments. The MFH provides fingertip control of all header adjustments, including draper header requirements, and includes a return�to�cut control that allows a double click of a button to raise the header at the headland and a single click to return to the previous cut�height setting. Software advancements provide feedback on fuel consumption, including a horsepower�hours/gallon calculation that allows the operator to consider engine speed and ground and header speed adjustments. All readouts are available with the Intelliview monitor option on six�cylinder models. The touch�screen display allows the operator to make adjustments directly on the screen, rather than searching and reaching for separate switches on the right�hand console.

Grouser Products AG Pro 12-20 Adjustable-Width Dozer

GrouserThe Grouser AG Pro 12�20 adjustable�width silage dozer gives the operator the ability to hydraulically extend the blade up to 6 meters (20 feet) wide when working on the silage pile and retract the blade to 3.7 meters (12 feet) wide for transport. The blade was developed with input from custom operators in the forage industry, who wanted easy transport of a packing tractor from job to job and compliance with local road regulations. The AG Pro 12�20 provides width adjustability while retaining the load�carrying capacity of a non�adjustable blade with silage end plates. Individual hydraulic control of the left and right ends of the blade allows flexibility when working on a forage pile. The operator can easily adjust the width of the blade to allow the tractor to get closer to the bunker wall for full coverage packing and improved maneuverability.

Case IH Axial-Flow Cab for 30 Series Combines

Case IHThe redesigned Axialâ€?Flow cab for Case IH 30 Series combines, the largest and quietest cab in the industry for largeâ€?model combines, has been made even better with bestâ€?inâ€?class temperature control, ergonomics and operator conveniences to make it a comfortable, efficient mobile office. Operators can stay tuned in and connected onâ€?theâ€?go with Bluetooth connectivity, iPod plugâ€?in, multiple power outlets, convenient holders and storage for mobile phones, and a unique bottle storage space in the headliner. Complete redesign of the HVAC system provides ample, uniform heating and cooling throughout the cab. This is the only cab with an easyâ€?toâ€?access portable electric refrigerator/cooler. The cab mounts provide reduced vibration and noise, and the roof light trim bezel holds eight lights of the customer’s choosing that can be positioned for improved visibility while adding to the styling of the cab exterior.

New Holland BigBaler Series Large Square Baler

The New Holland BigBaler Series large square baler brings new levels of productivity with increases of up to 20% in capacity and 5% in bale density. The MaxiSweep pickup puts high�capacity crop flow into a feeding system that operates 14% faster from pickup to plunger, due in large part to the new 48 spm gearbox. The MaxiSweep has distinctive S�shaped side shields that work with crop guides to improve crop flow and windrow separation. Roller wind guard, new dual counter�rotating augers and a feeder assist roll are all standard. SmartFill feed indicators use sensors in the pre�compression chamber to sense incoming crop and guide the operator via the IntelliView display, ensuring square�edge bales with balanced side�to�side density. The BigBaler styling ensures smooth airflow over the machine for minimal debris buildup, and the one�piece front flywheel cover opens wide for easy access for service and maintenance.

Vermeer BPX9000 Bale Processor

VermeerThe BPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer combines simplicity, durability and versatility to meet the needs of today’s cattle producers. With exclusive cut control bars in combination with a selfâ€?cleaning rotor, excessive buildup of net and twine on the drum is eliminated. In addition, the optional large square bale kit gives producers the flexibility to process both round and large square bales, with offset loader forks to position square bales to the right side of the processor and a moveable sidewall. The easyâ€?toâ€?operate machine is built tough, with a unique, Tâ€?style frame. The slat and chain bed design, in conjunction with the offset rotor, produces even and consistent feed with minimal maintenance. The BPX9000 bale processor is built to maximize bale processing and minimize operator stress.

Great Plains Centurion CDA600 Cultivator Drill

Great PlainsThe Centurion CDA600 cultivator drill is a combination cultivator and grain�seeding machine with air delivery of seed. By using the on�board weighing system to weigh the product in the hopper, down�pressure is automatically controlled to ensure constant seeding depth and seed-to� soil contact. The sequencing of the cultivation and seeding units saves time on headland turns and is an industry first. All row�to�row operations, from raising and lowering in sequence to turning seeding on and off, are done by one lever in the cab, improving operator comfort. The modular design of the seed distribution tower makes turning individual rows off much easier, and the built�in�head design of the modules decreases blockages in the seed tubes. The transport axle raises the machine to a higher service height, making maintenance simpler. Unique to the market, side covers on the drill protect the electronics and hydraulics, yet hinge easily for inspection and maintenance.

Hutchinson/Mayrath Chain Commander 130 Portable Chain Conveyor

Chain CommanderThe Chain Commander 130 is a portable chain�and�paddle conveyor for grain handling in farm and commercial facilities. At a maximum power demand of only 68 horsepower, the conveyor operates at approximately 125% of the efficiency of conventional augers of similar size. With a total length of 40 meters (130 feet) and a maximum operating angle of 42 degrees, the Chain Commander 130 can reach a maximum discharge height of more than 24 meters (80 feet) while maintaining capacity of 10,000 bushels per hour. It can fill both large grain bins up to 22 meters (72 feet) in diameter and flat storage bunkers or ground piles up to 46 meters (150 feet) wide. The Chain Commander 130 is designed to be powered by either tractor PTO or an electric motor. With a transport height under 4 meters (13.5 feet), it can be legally towed on public roads.

Claas C-Motion Joystick

ClaasThe Câ€?Motion is an ergonomically designed joystick developed to improve operational efficiency and comfort during operation of a CLAAS Lexion selfâ€?propelled combine harvester. The design enables threeâ€?finger operation of the joystick rather than the typical singleâ€?thumb operation. The joystick’s unique shape and layout improve response time and accuracy while reducing the amount of stress often associated with conventional singleâ€?thumb joysticks. The Câ€?Motion joystick has its functions divided over three rightâ€?hand fingers (thumb, index and middle). The thumb is used to control functions such as header height control, reel height control, autoâ€?pilot and automatic feeder house and header stop. The index finger is used to control unloading tube swingâ€?in and swingâ€?out and engage/disengage. The middle finger controls the rocker switch for manual header tilt control and the MAX Flex head cutter bar flexibility or the Vario head’s retractable (fore/aft) cutter bar position.

Crenlo Cobalt Multi-Use Cab

CrenloCobalt is a multi�use, off�the�shelf, fully integrated cab that provides a fresh look and design flexibility for agricultural OEMs and others seeking modern styling, flexible branding, a variety of color schemes, multiple entry configurations and modern features free of the design and tooling costs normally associated with a new cab model. Cobalt offers user comfort not normally available in an off�the�shelf cab, including increased visibility, spacious feel, premium fabric air suspension seat with adjustable and foldable armrests, mechanical lumbar support with an operator presence switch, and an optional climate�controlled seat with pneumatic�low frequency suspension, auto weight adjust and a high back with pneumatic lumbar support and armrests. A comfortable trainer seat, easy�to�reach manual or auto HVAC and lighting controls, spacious entry, AM/FM radio with CD player and weather band, and a two�way multiposition steering column further enhance the cab.

Claas Cruise Pilot

The Cruise Pilot is an automatic combine throughput control system that optimizes combine harvest performance based on three different modes of operation: constant ground speed, constant throughput and constant throughput with losses. The constant ground speed mode operates like an automobile’s cruise control. Constant ground speed is used to maintain productivity in the form of area (acres or hectares) per hour, while the constant throughput mode maintains productivity by maintaining a constant volume or weight (bushels or tons) harvested per hour. The Cruise Pilot’s third mode, constant throughput with losses, measures fluctuations in crop flow density within the feeder house and uses that information, along with feedback from the combine’s grain loss sensors, to actively modulate the harvesting ground speed according to changing crop conditions, thereby minimizing grain loss and maximizing harvest efficiency.

Claas Disco 9100 C Autoswather

The Disco 9100 C Autoswather is a 9 meter (29 foot, 10 inch) triple�disc mower conditioner with a swathing belt that can form one, two or three windrows. The mower runs with or without mergers, which can be detached or individually folded out of the way using hydraulics. With its lightweight design, the Disco 9100 C Autoswather uses less fuel and is highly efficient. The Active Float hydro pneumatic suspension system allows suspension adjustment at any time, even on the go, for varying field conditions, and decreases crop contamination via soil by 17%. The P�Cut cutter bar, which can be operated at a reduced speed of 850 rpm, is protected by the Safety Link module and a hydraulic collision protection device that lifts the mower over obstacles. The Communicator II system operates all mower functions from the cab using ISOBUS.

Spectrum Technologies FieldScout GreenIndex+

The FieldScout GreenIndex+ app enables growers to manage the nitrogen needs of crops using the smartphones they already have. The grower simply takes a picture of a plant leaf against a standardized color backboard. The app adjusts for light levels and computes a dark green color index (DGCI). In addition, the app makes nitrogen application rate recommendations for corn at V6. The DGCI correlates with indexes from more expensive handheld measurement devices so published methods for computing nitrogen requirements can also be used. All results are geo-referenced, logged and can be emailed for archiving or further analysis. The FieldScout GreenIndex+ is an instant, cost�effective solution that enables growers to apply the right amount of nitrogen in the right place at the right time for increased yield and profit.

Laforge Systems GreenLink Pr55/6R Front Hitch System

LaForgeThe GreenLink Pr55/6R is an integrated, boltâ€?on front threeâ€?point hitch with 5.5 metric ton lift capacity and unrestricted capabilities, designed specifically for John Deere 6M and 6R Series rowâ€?crop tractors. Installation time and complexity have been reduced because the individual, precisionâ€?machined side plates form parallel faces with the machined weight bracket mounting points of the tractor’s front support. The well-balanced complete hitch mechanism can be easily lined up. The tapered design of the main frame, in combination with the sculpted side frames, enables an unhampered turning radius even with large front tires. The castâ€?iron main frame is tailored around the front end of the tractor to allow for loader compatibility and minimum overhang. This also enables incorporation of storage devices for the upper link and hitch balls, as well as options like mower hooks, extra hydraulic receptacles, a remote upâ€?and-down switch, electric connector, ISOBUS connector, etc.

John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton

DeereJohn Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton simplifies the production of round cotton modules by eliminating the need for cotton producers to manually tag round modules produced by the 7760 Self�Propelled Cotton Picker. Utilizing radio�frequency identification (RFID) tags embedded in the round module wrap, John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton reads the unique serial numbers of the modules and compiles them in a file that is sent to the gin. Information contained within the file includes the client, farm, field, variety and machine information from which the cotton was harvested, as well as the GPS location, time and date that the round module was ejected from the 7760 Cotton Picker. John Deere Harvest Identification, Cotton increases the productivity of producers.

DICKEY-john Instalab 700 Grain Analyzer

The DICKEY�john Instalab 700 Grain Analyzer combines the stability and accuracy of the DICKEY�john Instalab 600 NIR filter technology with an easy�to�operate, multilingual user interface, complete with a Windows�based operating system and self�adjusting diagnostics. In addition to the diagnostic screens that allow complete analysis of the unit, the Instalab 700 fully utilizes the benefits of a Windows�based operating system by offering file handling, data manipulations and connectivity for streamlined, intuitive operation. Users of the Instalab 600 are able to seamlessly incorporate the Instalab 700 into their operations because the Instalab 700 is compatible with Instalab 600 calibrations.

Weasler Engineering Integral Automatic Clutch

WeaslerThe Integral automatic clutch offers a higher level of implement overload protection not possible with other types of clutches. The efficient design disconnects the power source from the drive train when overload occurs, and it does not reconnect until the speed is reduced. During disengagement, the patented design minimizes damaging torque spikes and heat. Performance benefits include repeatable overload protection, minimal torque spikes when disengaged, a maintenance�free clutch and overrunning, audible operator notification and consistent torque at various universal joint angles.

New Holland IntelliFill System for FR Self-Propelled Forage Harvesters

New HollandThe New Holland IntelliFill System, an industry�exclusive automatic trailer�filling system offered as an option for New Holland FR Series self�propelled forage harvesters, uses a 3D camera that allows the operator to fill a trailer accurately and with minimal losses, no matter the size or type of trailer. The operator can focus on achieving optimal crop flow and field progress or speed. Deflector position and spout orientation are automatically controlled, based on the information collected by the 3D camera, to consistently fill trailers to the level specified. The system functions equally well in bright sunlight and in the dark on long harvesting nights. As infrared light is reflected from the trailer, collected by the lens, and passed onto a matrix, the IntelliFill System measures the trailer edges and filling degrees. The operator is notified when the trailer is full.

Ally Precision Industries ISOLynx Precision Ag Suite

AllyThe ISOLynx controller is designed specifically for use with the best products available in GPS/RTK steering, CANâ€?based control systems, variableâ€?rate section control, fleet management, remote monitoring, and data transfer. API’s Precision Ag suite is dynamic; users have the flexibility to choose the receiver and steering controls they want to use with the ISOLynx. The ISOLynx controller also features FieldLynx telematics remote monitoring, diagnostics, and fleet management, including turnâ€?byâ€?turn directions and wireless data transfer in real time. The operator can track utilization and machine settings remotely, knowing in real time where the machine is, how far along the job is, and if the prescription plan is being followed. The ISOLynx is ISO certified, and the controller can be used as a VT.

Kelly KMC 6400 Litter Windrower

KellyThe KMC 6400 litter windrower forms windrows for composting bedding material in poultry houses, inverts the windrows, and spreads the bedding material for the next flock. Operators realize greater than 30% reduction in work time. The KMC 6400 is PTO�powered to maximize horsepower transfer from the tractor. Blade angle and position are adjustable with hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic rear gauge wheels adjust the blade height, preventing floor gouging and allowing an even spread of litter. A floating hitch link keeps the blade parallel to the floor. The dual overlapping auger system has a rotation direction that reduces the dust thrown toward the operator and discharges material into the windrow instead of pushing it forward. A discharge grill and chopper�blade system breaks up large clumps of litter, releasing trapped ammonia and homogenizing moisture for more uniform composting.

John Deere Machine Sync

Deerehis automation, coupled with industry�exclusive harvesting logistics information, upgrades the harvesting experience. Facilitating on�the�go unloading and in�network logistics are two features that allow Machine Sync to pack more efficiency into harvesting. From the cab, the combine operator can take control of the grain cart tractor to synchronize speed and lateral position while unloading on the go. John Deere Machine Sync also provides in�network logistics information, such as tank fill status, for multiple combines on the GreenStar 3 2630 Display. With a quick glance at the display, any tractor operator can decide which combine will need unloading first. The other operators can easily calculate their next most productive move by watching the display, all without taking their focus off the field in front of them.

Cherokee Fabrication Magnum 244 Gin Stand

CherokeeThe Magnum 244 saw gin stand has the highest capacity of any known gin stand. It has the same heavy�duty construction plus unique high�capacity and ease�of�use features found in the patented Cherokee Avenger 174 saw gin stand: a powered roll box door, automatic seed roll retainer to prevent seed roll loss when ginning is interrupted, and ease of access for saw cylinder changes. In addition, the Magnum 244 has intuitive touch�screen controls, a 3.7 meter (12 foot) nominal width, and the highest number of saws found in any single machine on the market today. When coupled with the new Magnum extractor feeder, the Magnum pneumatic jet lint cleaner, or the Magnum 142 saw�type lint cleaner, the Magnum 244 gin stand leads the industry in both innovation and capacity, breaking the 30�bale�per�hour per gin stand barrier.

Michelin YieldBib

MichelinMichelin YieldBib is the first standard�size tire in the North American high horsepower tractor market with very high flexion (VF) technology. This technology allows operators to carry the same load at 40% less air pressure than standard�technology radial tires. Michelin YieldBib is capable of operating in the field at air pressures as low as 8 psi, reducing soil compaction and improving traction in all conditions. The unique R1W lugs and 45-degree lug angle provide better traction and less slippage and contribute to increased durability against stubble. Better traction results in reduced fuel consumption, and farmers thereby reduce fuel expenditures over the life of the tire. Michelin YieldBib provides a tire that can carry 40 percent more load at standard air pressure or 40% reduced air pressure with a standard load. Michelin Ultraflex Technology also gives greater flexibility in the sidewalls, resulting in greater overall durability.

Versatile ML Series Air Drill

VersatileThe Versatile ML Series air drill offers independent shank performance using a mechanical linkage. There is no need for hydraulic cylinders to control packing pressure or shank trip force. The air drill utilizes Versatile’s patented ALIVE (Active Level Independent Vertical Emergence) seed placement and seed furrow control technology that gives growers the opportunity to choose a desired seed furrow profile (seed placement position) from the tractor cab. The air drill automatically adjusts packing pressure to maintain the specified seed placement and furrow profile regardless of furrow type selected (shallow, medium or deep), field terrain or ground conditions.

John Deere Mobile Farm Manager

DeereJohn Deere Mobile Farm Manager provides users with instant on�the�go access to all of their agronomic data. Users may view historical applications, analyze historical reports and use an iPhone or iPad GPS to track their position within fields. The value of Mobile Farm Manager extends into the field with features that enable note taking, soil sampling and data sharing. The notes feature allows users to document what's happening in a field geospatially, making it easy to come back to that point at any time. Users can also generate grid zones and perform soil sampling tasks to help make better application decisions, improving the bottom line. Sharing data is as easy as a click of a button with Mobile Farm Manager as users are able to electronically share information to key stakeholders to enable more timely decisions.

John Deere Mobile Weather

DeereWith John Deere Mobile Weather, operators can view in�field weather conditions via a hand�held device without the need to stop and check prevailing weather conditions. Monitoring temperature, wind speed, wind direction, temperature change and relative humidity on the go allows operators to quickly and easily understand if the weather conditions are favorable for product application. Built�in alerts make it simple for operators to set operational parameters to identify when unfavorable weather conditions are present. Having weather information in the cab allows operators to increase product efficacy and decrease the risk of chemical drift.

Sukup Modular Tower Dryer

SukupThe Modular Tower Dryer provides the capacity and vacuum�cooling advantages of tower drying without the expensive setup costs of a built�on�site tower dryer. Alignment pins are used to stack the factory�built sections rapidly, and centrifugal inline blowers provide quieter, higher�pressure airflow. A crew of four to six can assemble the modules in 6-10 hours. The rapid assembly time makes the dryers affordable on farm sites, where the need for a crew to be onsite for several days makes traditional tower dryers cost�prohibitive. The use of a centrifugal inline blower instead of an axial fan provides more airflow at higher pressures and quieter operation than competing brands. A Sukup Modular Tower Dryer can dry up to 1,500 bushels of corn per hour. As grain yields continue to increase, so does the need for affordable, state�of�the�art on�farm drying systems.

New Holland T9 Tractor, Homologated Version

The New Holland T9 is the world’s first articulated fourâ€?wheelâ€?drive class tractor to attain “full type homologation” approval by the European Union for onâ€?road use on public roads in any European country. The New Holland T9 is now available with a special option package designed specifically to allow the tractor to meet the EU road laws for vehicles. The package modifies the tractor steering and braking systems, vehicle width and height, exhaust and lighting systems, and places additional equipment on the tractor to fully meet the laws. Other tractors of this size must have extra equipment mounted by customers and dealers and undergo a countryâ€?by-country approval process to be used on European roads.

Case IH Nutri-Placer 920

Case IHThe Case IH Nutri�Placer 920 is an advanced pull�type liquid�fertilizer applicator with the smallest transport envelope in its class, reduced maintenance requirements, and operational speeds up to 13.7 kph (8.5 mph) for maximum efficiency in�season. The 18 meter (60 foot) working width applicator is offered with either 23� or 25�row side�dress coulter units to match 24�row planters. The outer wings can be folded over to run 17 coulter units to match 16�row planters. The hydraulic wing frame X�fold design allows for narrower transport width and a transport height of only 4 meters (13.3 feet). The five�section flex applicator toolbar frame, mounted to parallel arms for level lifting and lowering, is controlled with active hydraulic down pressure, ensuring consistent fertilizer placement across the width of the machine. All wing hinges and linkage pivot joints have self�lubricating composite bearings to eliminate the need for daily grease maintenance.

Case IH Pivoting Spout for Grain Tank Unload Auger for 230 Series Combines

Case IHThe pivoting spout for the grain tank unload auger for Case IH 230 Series Axial�Flow combines is an industry�exclusive option that saves time and grain by allowing the operator to move the unloading grain stream in or out with an in�cab control. The operator can position the unloading spout where needed over the cart or truck instead of moving the combine. Software learns and retains that position, load after load, until the operator commands it to go to a new position. The discharge location of the focused grain stream can be moved up to 0.6 meters (2 feet) while unloading, with no impact on unload rate or input power, whether the combine is stationary or filling a cart on the go. The pivoting spout also functions as a grain saver, automatically pivoting upward to shut off grain flow from the unload tube when disengaged or being retracted.

Case IH Precision Disk 500 Disk Drill

Case IHCase IH introduces the next generation of disk drill opener technology with the Precision Disk 500 disk drill, combining the accuracy and groundâ€?following of a parallelâ€?link row unit with the broad operating range of a singleâ€?disk opener. The Precision Disk 500’s parallel link is capable of moving in a range of 0.5 meter (19.5 inches) to follow changes in terrain and maintain the same angle on the blade and scraper. Existing trailing arm designs compromise their seed placement accuracy the moment the arm begins to move up or down. The opener also incorporates a variableâ€?pitch spring that gradually increases the pressure to the opener when the need arises. When things get tough, it is ready to apply the extra force needed to maintain depth. Combined with inâ€?cab hydraulic pressure control, this spring allows the operator to easily set the right amount of downâ€?pressure for the operating conditions.

Jamesway Farm Equipment Pumpeller Hybrid Manure Pump

JameswayThe Pumpeller turbine integrates a propeller mixer in the center of a volute pump. The resulting hybrid ingests and homogenizes even the most difficult manure solids while taking less time and fuel. The turbine produces two outputs simultaneously: a high�pressure cannon discharge and a high�volume propeller wash. Manure is actively pushed into the impeller blades around the outer edge of the turbine by the outward flow from the propeller core, providing improved cannon and load�out performance in thicker slurry. The turbine housing features large openings in the back wall that permit the excess flow exiting the propeller core to travel straight through the housing. The combined discharges of the cannon and the propeller create a high suction at the turbine inlet that pulls solids toward the pump. The Pumpeller homogenizes solids as they pass through the turbine instead of relying on the cannon jet pressure or an external propeller.

Claas Single Tie Knotter on Quadrant 3300 RC Square Baler

The single tie knotter on the Claas Quadrant 3300 RC baler is designed to take tension off the twine as it ties the knot to avoid twine fractures and to produce perfect, high�strength knots without twine residue. The simple design features a rotating bill hook and clamping wheel and a universal drive shaft. To ensure a tension�free knot, six high�strength knotters simultaneously swing up and back to ease the tension of the twine and ensure reliable pickup by the knotter bill hook. The accelerated up and down movement of the needles results in a 25% decrease in the time needed to make a knot. The single tie system eliminates twine residue, resulting in safer bales for feeding livestock.

John Deere R962i Trailed Sprayer

DeereThe R962i is a versatile and highly productive trailed sprayer for the application of crop protection products and fertilizers. The 6,200 liter (1,638 gallon) solution tank, 40 meter (131 foot) suspended boom, suspended axle with steering, and high�capacity application system provide the capability for long, in�field working time. These features are configured in a compact package that is highly maneuverable in the field and in transport while offering exceptional machine stability. Integrated implement steering guidance, boom height and roll control, boom section control, headland management, tank fill calculation, and application documentation systems give the operator an exceptional level of precise application control and recordkeeping using a single interface. The R962i has an automated solution application system, which allows single�panel control of loading carrier and chemicals, agitation, multistep rinsing, dilution and boom circulation. Many other features make this sprayer a top choice for European producers and contractors.

John Deere Remote Display Access

DeereJohn Deere Remote Display Access allows a farm manager or a dealer, with the owner’s permission, the ability to view the inâ€?cab display and provide remote support. From an Internetâ€?connected device, such as laptop, smart phone or tablet, users with Remote Display Access can view the operator’s Greenstar 3 2630 display screen. This functionality enables the Remote Display Access user to identify a problem and help the operator navigate though the steps needed to resolve the issue. Remote Display Access improves communication and offers quicker resolution of problems to increase uptime. By managing issues remotely, users can save trips out to the field and ensure that the equipment is up and running as intended.

MeasureTek ResultX Database, User Interface and Control System

MeasureTekResultX is a database control, alarm and monitoring system for automated measurement stations and networks. It combines Microsoft’s SQL Server database with webâ€?based and hosted graphical user interfaces to provide access to both realâ€?time and historical system information. ResultX allows users to display, report or graph any measurement data and can be customized to support virtually any customer requirement. The system is capable of a wide range of control functions, from simple on/off of valves and motors to complex control schedules downloaded to monitoring stations that provide control based on time and/or monitored conditions. The ResultX system uses a variety of communications technologies, including wired, wireless radio and cellular. It also provides a variety of remote alarm capabilities, including voiceâ€?synthesized alarm dialing, callâ€?in voiceâ€?synthesized reports of conditions, email alerts and alarm acknowledging, and text (SMS) alerts and acknowledging.

Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap Silage Baler

The Claas Rollant 455 Uniwrap baler combines baling and wrapping in one machine, increasing production and feed quality while saving time, fuel and money. The highâ€?tech design of the baler enables high productivity via innovative mechanical and electronic components. The machine’s smart system automatically handles the bale density, tying, bale transfer and film wrapping. The operator stops when the bale chamber is full, and the system does the rest. The baler is designed with heavyâ€?duty drive components to handle all types of baling conditions. The cabâ€?operated hydraulic forwardâ€?dropping floor eliminates long downtimes due to blockages. The 25â€?blade chopping rotor ensures a fine cut for optimum compaction and bale density. The operator can switch from 12 to 13 knives without leaving the cab, with one knife set always sharp enough. Early bale rotation into the chamber, along with the Claas Maximum Pressure System, ensures rockâ€?hard bales.

Innoquest SpotOn Consistometer

InnoquestThe SpotOn consistometer is a portable food texture analyzer that provides quantitative analysis of consistency (similar to viscosity) for semiâ€?solids such as shortening, margarine, butter, frosting, dough, cheese, jam and more. The portable handheld electronic design allows for measurements on the production floor, in the warehouse, or at a customer’s location. For years, expensive bench top laboratory instruments have been the standard for these types of measurements, but they lack portability. The introduction of the SpotOn consistometer brings affordability as well as portability to food industry quality assurance and R&D personnel. The meter offers a nonâ€?contact infrared depth and penetration speed sensor combined with simultaneous penetration resistance and temperature measurements. It measures consistency by sensing the penetration resistance of its shaftâ€?mounted tip, allowing measurements at depths well below the product surface. All data are shown on the meter’s LCD and recorded for download to a PC, facilitating recordâ€?keeping or further analysis.

GK Machine Switchblade Scraper

GKGK Machine’s Switchblade Scraper is economical and extremely safe to operate. The recently patented design allows the scraper cutting edge and blade section to move forward and back to change the angle of the cutting blade. A unique autoâ€?transport design requires no operator assembly; push a button and the scraper folds up, saving the operator’s time while increasing safety. The scraper’s edge adheres itself to the ground, pulling the blade into the cut, eliminating duckâ€?walking and harmonic bounce. Adjustable to a moldboard cutting edge, it produces a rolling action, heaving material to break down organic materials. It reduces the need for multiple passes, saving time per acre and increasing overall field production. The design is the result of collaboration with growers, commercial earthmovers, and engineers for a safe, economical solution for water management and field maintenance.

TeeJet Sentry 6140 Tip Flow Monitor

TeeJetThe Sentry 6140 tip flow monitor allows users to identify high� or low�flow rate conditions for individual nozzles across a spray boom. The tip flow monitor utilizes individual flow sensors on each nozzle body to precisely monitor flow rates. An in�cab display provides audible and visual feedback to the operator as to a high� or low�flow situation and identifies the nozzle location. An on�boom LED also provides easy identification of the problematic tip for fast inspection and correction. By identifying plugged, partially plugged, mismatched or missing spray tips, this product can enhance the productivity, safety and effectiveness of field spraying operations.

TeeJet QJS Nozzle Body

TeeJetThe QJS stackable nozzle body provides a highly customizable nozzle body platform for agricultural sprayers. The modular design of the stackable nozzle body allows the number of nozzle connections and the orientations of the connections to be easily configured based on sprayer design and application demands. The choice of spring�loaded, manually, electrically or pneumatically actuated ChemSaver tip shutoffs allows further customization and flexibility. This nozzle body system is designed to be an integral part of automatic boom section control and individual tip control systems. By allowing rapid activation and deactivation of various combinations of spray tips, droplet size and/or application volumes can be quickly and easily adjusted from the cab when used with an appropriate control system.

TeeJet Sentry 6120 Droplet Size Monitor

TeeJetThe Sentry 6120 droplet size monitor provides real�time, in�cab display of the droplet size produced by a sprayer. Providing this critical information allows the operator to actively adjust the ground speed and pressure if needed to maintain a specific droplet size spectrum. The in cab touch-screen interface requires the operator to enter the specific spray tip being used (tip series, spray angle and capacity). Then, using a pressure transducer mounted on the boom and a preloaded droplet size data set, the Sentry 6120 can display the tip being used, operating pressure and droplet size category (as defined by ASABE S572.1) generated while spraying. By actively maintaining the droplet size within a specified range as recommended by the pesticide label, the operator can optimize the application by ensuring proper coverage and reduced drift.

Sukup Triangle Aeration Duct

SukupThe Triangle Aeration Duct is a highâ€?strength product for aerating grain in a hopper bin or other storage structure. Developed to withstand advanced grain depths, the Triangle Aeration Duct exceeds strength and airflow capabilities of traditional round ducts and allows quicker cleanout. Triangular support ribs allow air to flow through the duct. Perforated metal panels are bolted to the ribs using nut inserts. The duct is attached to the inside of a grain structure. An opening is cut in to allow entry of air from a fan outside of the bin. The entrance can be adapted to accommodate use of axial lowâ€?speed or highâ€?speed centrifugal fans or inline centrifugal fans. By accommodating a wide variety of fans, aeration can be easily customized. Withstanding grain pressure without collapsing is critical to the success of any aeration system. Sukup’s product provides a better combination of strength and airflow than previously available.

Claas Volto 1100T Tedder

ClaasThe Claas Volto 1100T tedder offers maximum working width and performance with minimum transport dimensions. The 9.7 meter (35.1 foot) working width reduces the number of passes required, while the spreading arms with runâ€?down geometry deliver an even, well mixed crop spread. The Volto 1100T tedder’s Max Spread crop flow concept enables better pickup of material for higher working speeds, better passing of material for gentler handling of crops like alfalfa, and wider, more even spreading of the crop for faster drying. The Volto 1100T tedder features 10 rotors and a small 1.5-meter (4.9 foot) rotor diameter, which ensure the spreading quality in all crop conditions. The patented folding system allows exceptional handling and maneuvering in the field, and easy and safe transport on the road. The low maintenance design includes a 100â€?hour PTO greasing interval; hermetically closed, maintenanceâ€?free gearboxes; and easyâ€?access grease points for quick, effortless upkeep.

Spectrum Technologies WatchDog Cellular Alert

SpectrumThe WatchDog Cellular Alert is a cost�effective family of portable devices that alert a grower via phone calls or text messages to a critical event, such as frost at remote locations. Models fitted with alternative sensors can signal power outages, humidity level or flood irrigation completion. The basic model is designed for occasional use. The grower places an inexpensive prepaid cell phone into the Cellular Alert, and when a frost or other event occurs, the unit presses a button on the cell phone, calling a preprogrammed number. The Pro model includes a cell phone module, which can alert the grower by placing phone calls and sending text messages. The WatchDog Cellular Alert allows the grower to rest easy, knowing that the unit will call if there is a problem.

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