Tribine Industries introduced its Tribine concept prototype at AG Connect last week in Kansas City. According to the company, it is the first fundamentally new harvester architecture since combines were made self-propelled in the 1940s.

The Tribine provides two historic functions, threshing and separating, plus the third function of the grain cart transporter. The Tribine was created to address several issues facing today's farms, such as the impact of labor shortages and reducing compaction and brings together several functions for increased efficiency and productivity.

Features include:

  • Carries 1,000 bushels of clean grain
  • Unloads 500 bushels per minute
  • Full time 4-wheel drive
  • Automatic load sharing symmetrical axles, tires and power
  • Compound steering articulation plus pivoting rear axle
  • Crab steering capability
  • Excellent maneuverability and power to the ground
  • Minimizes compaction, two tire tracks per field pass
  • 35-foot length and 12-foot transport width 

Control monitoring is enhanced via a four camera video system. The Tribine has cameras in the grain tank, the end of the unload auger and on each side. The electronic unload assist sensors measure and displays the distance to the semi truck/gravity wagon for unload positioning. The Tribine reduces harvesting capital costs and can eliminate the need for a grain cart and tractor. 

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