The John Deere remanufacturing facility in Strafford, Missouri, is undergoing a significant expansion, as the site is being prepped for the increased demand that the company has seen, according to KOLR 10 News.

John Deere held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the 275,000-square-foot facility, as the agricultural firm moved forward with plans it had announced in 2011 to hire 55 new workers and increase the size of the property.

"This is our core receiving facility for parts that have come back that are failed in the marketplace and we bring those back in the remanufacturing and re-processing and make them like new," Don Flatau, General Manager of John Deere Reman and Marketing, told the news outlet. "So we receive all those failed parts from around the world essentially into this facility."

Products that are remanufactured at the company's Springfield facility will be sent to the new storage area, as they will then wait to be shipped around the U.S. to the respective customers.