“The Possibilities in Ag Equipment & Technology: 10 years from Now”

How Far Will Technology Take Farming?For this year’s special Feature Coverage in the annual SOURCEBOOK, Farm Equipment editors and industry experts are staring deep into the crystal balls, and what we’re seeing emerging out of the murky depths is a very bright future for agriculture. Industry experts — including top-producing farmers, ag engineers, business leaders, economists, manufacturers, agronomists and even a climatologist — are all weighing in on how farming practices and agricultural technology will be different 10 years from now. And while 10 years from now can feel like 10 lifetimes, consider the rate of change that technology has brought to Ag over the last 10 years...

This special report will examine things like:

  • Predictions of increased automation, all the way to “driverless” field operations. This will require a slew of new wireless communications, and machines equipped with monitoring systems that will report information to dealers, crop consultants and farmers about machine health, performance and changing conditions.

  • Smarter machines as producers look to be more efficient and environmentally conscious. Planter and fertility experts say variable rate technology will be taken to per-row accuracy, sprayer experts say sprayers will feature suites of scanners that direct exact applications of various nutrients, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides.

  • Power sources for tomorrow’s ag equipment, including electric hybrids, biofuels and biolubricants.

  • Changes in technologies in the areas of forage harvesters, grain handling and storage, seeding and planting, tillage, spraying and fertilizer application.

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