The prices of wheat, corn, and soy beans are all rising, and it's helping Kansas farmers survive in the new economy. But the people selling farm implements are enjoying a boost as well.

After a slow summer, things are really starting to pick up for farm equipment dealers all across Kansas.

"I think there is a little bit of optimism currently," says Chad Koster, General Manager for American Implement in Garden City. He notes that it has been a good month for business.

"The summer was a little bit slow, but now in August with the improvement in grain prices, we're seeing an increase in activity of equipment sales."

This summer has been a perfect example of how the two share a direct relationship.

"If grain prices are strong, we're probably going to sell more equipment," explains Koster. "If grain prices are low, we're probably going to be a little bit slower."

Factors such as the drought in Russia and flooding in the Easter United States has brought economic benefits to Western Kansas.

"We have seen an improvement in activity in both local business and phone calls coming into the business."