Newly released silage facer has no moving parts, motors, sprockets or hydraulic hoses.

Riverview LLP has unveiled the Easy Rake,a forage pile facer that has no moving parts and is designed to save customers time and reduce maintenance costs.

Riverview showed off the Easy Rake Sept. 29-Oct. 3 at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis. More than 30 units have been sold this year, the Morris, Minn., company says.

Adam Zeltwanger, a partner in Riverview, says many silage facers can be frustrating because bearings go out, chains and tighteners need to be replaced, motors and sprockets give out and, invariably, customers forget to unhook the hydraulic hoses when removing facers.

Additionally, the moving teeth of many facers grind the silage particles into smaller pieces. “These are the primary reasons the Easy Rake was designed,” Zeltwanger says. “There are no moving parts to maintain, hoses to attach or motors to replace.”

The Easy Rake was released on May 1 after years of testing on the company’s own dairies. It can be fit for skid steers, loaders or telehandlers, in 4-, 7-, 12- and 16-foot lengths.

Zeltwanger says the facer works with haylage or corn silage and it’s drawing strong interest from dairy produces who want to cut maintenance costs and headaches.

“We’re passionate about silage facing and we’re excited to bring this to the market," he says. "We’re targeting the dairy and beef market. Our market is anyone with a forage pile.”

Riverview is setting up a dealer network and currently lists dealers in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Iowa.

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