RhinoAg’s latest hay rake, the VR hay rake, provides high-performance characteristics in a compact package. “Adjustability is key in the VR hay rake,” says Greg Pollock, sales and marketing director for RhinoAg. “It easily adapts to changing conditions thanks to adjustments for windrow and working width. Plus, the adjustable, independent spring suspension lets each rake wheel work individually for a clean sweep on uneven terrain. With the optional hydraulic windrow adjustment kit, you can make width adjustments from the convenience of the tractor seat.”

Available in 8-, 10- or 12-wheel configurations, the VR hay rake is built for heavy conditions. Its high-clearance center frame and wheel arms leave plenty of room for hay in cumbersome conditions, while raising the front rake wheels on the VR10 or VR12 allow them to operate as an 8- or 10-wheel unit in these conditions. In addition, raising one set of wheels accommodates right hand or left hand raking in tight spaces.

“Because of changing conditions and uneven terrain farmers face in hay fields, we wanted to ensure the VR hay rakes offer stability in all situations, so the rake sections fold horizontally over the carriage for narrow transport width and extra stability,” added Lyndon Dittus, RhinoAg product manager. “The VR hay rake also has 15 inch tires that provide extra stability in the field and on the road.”

For more information, visit www.RhinoAg.com.