ITALY — Cressoni's Folding/Fixed Corn Heads, with ROTO Cross Cut technology, allows growers to harvest and chop at the same time — allowing better stalk decomposition and fast harvest speeds.

The integrated, horizontally parallel knife-roll technology and unique, vertically radial multi-blades processes and prepares the stalk to decompose easier and faster.

The stalk rolls, featuring 5 knives, allows the best stalk pre-cut possible, requires less power and offers growers a larger diameter, higher speed and lower RPM for better stalk pulling than the old-style rolls on the market.

The forward position of the stalk choppers cover 100% of the rolls' pulling area. This system assures an optimal chop of the stalks, which pass from the rolls directly to the working areas of the chopper. The working areas of the rolls and the choppers fully correspond and are overlapped, allowing the chopping of the entire stalk's length in small pieces — starting at a minimum safety distance of 3 inches from the ground.

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