While technically part of a farm equipment dealership, the precision farming specialist often serves as an extension of the farm itself. They are called upon day and night to help keep operations running, especially during the critical planting and harvesting times of the year. To help shine a light on these hard-working and often overlooked individuals, Farm Equipment is launching the first-ever Precision Specialist Week, which will be held Aug. 13-19, 2023.

This annual event will serve as an opportunity for growers, dealers and manufacturers to appreciate and celebrate the hard work and dedication of the experts involved in making today’s precision farming systems operate efficiently.

Nominate a Precision Specialist

Celebrate the dedicated precision specialists at your dealership by nominating them at www.farm-equipment.com/psweek. Share stories of how they go above and beyond for the dealership and the lengths to which they have gone to keep your customers’ operations running.

All submissions will be shared on farm-equipment.com and precisionfarmingdealer.com during Precision Specialist Week in August and further celebrated at the 2024 Precision Farming Dealer Summit in Indianapolis, Ind., in January.