Early on in my Day in the Cab visit with Pete Kopriva, precision farming specialist at Case IH dealer J.J. Nichting, he said the amount of phone calls he was getting had “really died down” since the previous week. Planting was well underway in the West Liberty, Iowa, area, and farmers had their monitors figured out by this point.

But a “slow” in-season day for Pete still results in a massive amount of calls, as I’d come to find out during my day with him in mid-May. I lost track of the exact number of calls he received and returned, but it was easily dozens. 

At one point, I asked Pete how he keeps up with all of the calls. He says he always calls everyone back, but in the 10 years since he first started working as a precision specialist, he’s learned to put less pressure on himself about his response time with limited hours in the day. 

“When there’s a high volume of calls, I try not to let it get to me,” Pete says. “I’m human, too, so if I need to take a break, I do, and I don’t let it bother me.”

Now as one of 3 precision farming specialists at J.J. Nichting’s 5 Iowa stores, Pete teaches customers and coworkers the ins and outs of precision farming with his commitment to customer service.

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